June 24, 2013

FATHERS DAY and then some

Maybe its because I live a lot closer to family now.. or maybe I'm just lazy. Either way blogging has been on my back burner.. or more accurately in my slow-cooker. But July is going to be a really really busy month for us so I need to catch up before we are so far behind I miss too much! 

We've now been back in Idaho for almost 2 months. Its a little sad to admit we haven't been camping, hiking,  river floating or skinny dipping yet. Hopefully soon! ;) We have made some good friends and have been able to spend lots of time with old friends we haven't hardly seen in the past two years. 

We had a nice day celebrating Fathers. Mitch claims he likes all of his gifts. He's so sweet. :) The girls gave him a photo of daddy and them, that Tessa had colored the matte to. As well as a photo book of a whole lot of pictures of just Mitch and the girls.

Tessa has been talking about her birthday for about a month now. And she adds something new to her wish list almost every day. High on her list of wants is a trip to Cali to see her friends and go to the beach. (she might be getting that one from me..) She had a Dr. appointment a few days ago and the scale says she's a whopping 26 lbs. Some of her favorite things lately are throwing rocks into the canal, running at the track, and dressing up and dancing with her new friend. My favorite- she says, "Your'e the best Mom!" (or dad or kenney)

Kennedy went to the Dr. as well and she is 16 lbs and 27 1/2 inches tall. She love love loves the water. Can't get enough of bath time and she crawled into our neighbors freezing cold baby pool fully clothed the other day and cried when I took her out. She says "aww da" all done, when done eating. "rroom rroom" when playing with cars. She says ma ma and da da, (though I'm not sure she gets it.. I think ma ma means nurse me women more than mom.) She is cruising, climbing and standing alone for brief seconds. :) oh and my favorite- she gives big wide open mouth kisses! :)