September 29, 2013

Oops! Warning: Picture Overload!

Life doesn't ever slow down, does it? I've officially fallen off the blogging band wagon. Part of the reason why I struggle to blog is that I have to use Mitch's computer. Mine has some how become an antique in less than 6 years. (How is that possible! Money sucking technology companies!) Jk I'm not angry just sad that its not really usable any longer.

Being the last day of September I don't feel too bad that I haven't posted birthday goodness. Which we will get to. September 8th I had something very strange happen. For the first time in my life my birthday came and I panicked a little bit! I'm a quarter of a century old! Wow. Really.. Im still not sure how I feel about it. (any of you dealing with this same thing?)

Okay on to the goodness. Its pretty awesome that as a family we get to celebrate all our birthdays within 23 days of each other. Mitch starts us off and he got a new set of golf clubs. :) He must really like them because he got me a new vacuum and blender for mine! :) I'm in love.

Kennedy turned one. :) Its so bitter sweet! I'm one of those people that could hold a newborn FOREVER. I cry a little each day as they grow.. yes I know its good, it would be bad if they didn't grow. They just grow out of the stage TOO fast. But I'm so blessed with little Kennedy. She is still just as sweet as the day she was born. And she is getting so smart. She's been walking for months now. She does summersaults. And spins in circles. She folds her arms for prayers. She's got a full set of teeth. Twelve of them, and another one coming in. She says uh oh, broom broom (for cars), tiggle tiggle (tickle tickle), meew (milk, I know not even close.), mama, dada, ba ba (bye bye), te ta (tessa),  and just recently ta doh (touch down) and she raises her hands above her head. LOVE! She loves her sister so much. They always make each other smile in the morning. And Kennedy is very quick to give her hugs and kisses if she's sad.. or throwing a tantrum. We love her so much.

(getting a good picture took a really long time)

Tessa turned three! This may be part of why I'm feeling so old. She is one spunky sweet little thing. She can go from making us want to pull our hair out, to melting our hearts in seconds flat. (I'm sure thats normal for her age.) She loves to sing and dance. She has an awesome imagination. Which I'm sure she gets from her Dad. (I'll catch them hiding under blankets from polar bears or aliens.) She is very order oriented. If I list off what we are doing, she is happy to do things like go to bed or turn off her show. (Thank goodness I learned this early on!) And then she'll wrap her arms around my neck and say, "You're the best mom." She did this after I get her pajamas on the other day and she picked up her little toy house and said, "You can have this in you're room tonight, cause you're the best." She then took off and put in on the floor on my side of the bed. Love her to death.

We decided to have a dual party for them with just family. Themed it a pirate princess party and picked up some dollar store crowns and hooks for each of the kids. I made a makeshift castle out of cardboard and just let the kids play. You know laid back, nothing like what you would see on pinterest. But then I had the bright idea to make their cakes. Castle of course. Stupid frosting was impossible to work with and after close to an hour of decorating I called it good enough. Lol never again.

I totally forgot until I started sifting through pictures... The last week of August we made a kind of last min trip to Chicago to visit Mitch's Fam. :) It was a blast. We went to a Cubs game, visited down town and spent a lot of much needed family time. (thanks for having us on short notice!)

Here are JUST A FEW ;) sweet sister pictures from this past year. :)