October 30, 2010

So it begins...

So I'm new to this whole "blog" thing. Two years ago I was told I needed to start one, because it is what ALL married people do. But I avoided starting because I figured there couldn't possibly be that much to write about. After all my husband worked, I was working and going to school and this allowed very little time for any type of adventure at all.

Now I have a little 6 week old baby and my adventures are just beginning.

Here is my first real adventure story.. or novel..

Tessa's much anticipated due date was September 25, 2010. I soon realized that like all people, all pregnancy's are different. We joked a lot that I was going to have a midget, due to my small bump. I didn't start really showing to the point people could tell I was pregnant till I was nearly 30 weeks. This picture was taken 6 days before she came into the world and my friend Crystal (who took the picture) was telling me to push out my tummy.

On September 12th I was sitting at church when I suddenly realized that the weird cramping sensations I was experiencing were probably contractions. Because of what I was taught in my birthing class I lost all interest in the Old Testament and starting watching the clock. These uncomfortable sensations were coming every 5 min! FREAK! I realized how unready I was to have a baby. Thankfully they gradually became further apart!

Monday (the 13th)  the inconsistency continued and I began to relax. The first of Oct or maybe the end of Sep is what I pictured. Tuesday (the 14th) morning I thought about organizing her room (so that it would look a little less like an office) or maybe try and put her crib together... but who was I kidding! Instead I pulled out some scrape book paper and mod-podge and started crafting. Come 4 I realized I needed to start getting ready for work at 5, and at 4:30 my contractions (I'd been ignoring all day) seemed really close. But everyone knows that with your first baby you're going to be in labor for atleast 12 hours. So I go to work at 5, I'm off by 10.. I go home have Mitch rub my back some... that is if the contractions magically continue. So I actually do go to work and my coworker looks a little worried when I tell her I'm having contractions, and there close together but I don't know how close cause I'm choosing not to watch the clock.

Just before 5:30 the nightmare happens! My water brakes (just a leak) but when you're talking to some girls about what kind of clothes they are shopping for, it is pretty awful. I quickly excused myself and ran to the bathroom. And then the contractions really hit me. I took care of business and got back on the sales floor. After all, I was in the middle of helping pick out clothes. The only problem is that I can't even talk to the girls, the contractions were so painful I could barely keep from doubling over. This is when I let my coworkers know that "I think my water broke..." and obviously they didn't want me on the sales floor and couldn't believe that I "think" my water broke! I gladly went in the back and sent a text to my husband letting him know the news, and finally started  facing reality that somehow deep inside me I knew that she was coming... and coming soon.

So just before 6 a worried looking coworker drove me to the hospital where I sheepishly tried to act like I knew what I was doing. Wishing we had preregistered!!! I felt really stupid trying to hide my pain, and tell the people at the counter that I thought my water broke and that I had no idea what I was supposed to do or where I was supposed to go... Ugh! The ladies saw through my see-through mask, and showed me into a room where they drilled me with questions, had me change into a robe and saw that I was dilated to a 4. FOR REAL! I couldn't believe i was only at a 4, my body was telling me to push her out.. but I kept that to myself because I knew the answer was a big fat no.

Then they walked me to my delivery room where I used the bathroom and just after I got situated in the bed the nurse asked if I wanted her to check the dilation. I did, so she did and I was to a 7. Awesome! Except I failed to mention that my dear husband was not there yet.. he unfortunately was working an hour and fifteen min away and had to find someone to cover him at work before he could leave... oh yeah. Thank goodness he knows how to drive fast.. and was safe!

I really don't know what time my midwife showed up.. but I was so glad to see her and hear her tell me it was ok to push! Bless her heart! Mitch finally got there at 7:15 and held me until 8:35 when my little angel was born.( and not a min too late!) 6.6 lbs and 17 3/4 inches long!

Surreal is the best word for it all. I was defiantly blessed with extra strength that night and to have her come so fast with no problems.. what else could I ever ask for! :)

And look how big she has already gotten!!! Bitter Sweet!