June 27, 2011


I can't believe the day has finally come! Yesterday after getting Tessa out of the tub and dressed for church she was playing very intently with a toy and I grabbed a comb and pony and just like that Tessa wore her first pony tail!! YAY Finally at 9 months and 12 days. It hasn't happened before now cause she never sat still long enough for me to get the pony around enough times to stay! :)

Drum Roll Please!
 Here is Tessa's room!
It started very empty!

Then we got some color.

Then we got stuff...

And now we have a lot of color

My favorite part is her toy corner.

And her picture wall!

As for the rest of the house the rooms aren't finished yet... but they may never be!
Here is the empty..

Sleeping on an air mattress, living out of a suitcase..

Eating cold cereal out of paper bowls..

Then came our mess...

Of course something had to brake.

Now we have it mostly put together...

I need a bright picture for the wall..

The master bedroom still has a couple boxes and needs some major decorating so no pictures there!

June 24, 2011


Just a heads up to anyone ever asked to be a roadshow specialist. IT CONSUMES YOUR LIFE!! But Tessa is busy eating her first banana of the day so I'm blogging! (Is it bad that Tes has at least one banana a day?? She LOVES them?)

I was asked to make some flower bows for my sisters friend. I haven't had an excuse to make any since we were in Chicago and its nice cause now I'm in a crafty mood! Here are the ones I made. The only problem is I had to send these to Idaho and so Tessa doesn't have any new ones yet!

A couple weeks ago Mitchs parents came out to visit. We went to Disney Land and the beach!

I don't have any pictures from the beach.. I'll have to get those from Grandma. 

No pictures of the house yet.. next time! I'm nowhere near done decorating... but I'll get there. Who knew it was such a long process!

I love California Weather! Some days in the evening or early morning its cool enough I dress Tessa up all warm and it makes me feel like we're back in Idaho!

And then during the day it'll get so hot in our apartment poor Tes doesn't wear hardly anything cause I'm scared she'll get heat stroke!

June 01, 2011

I Have A Calling!

So Mitch and I were asked to meet with our Bishop this past Sunday for a calling! :) So excited! I am now the 2nd counselor in the Young Womens! Yeah What’s up, I’m the Beehives Leader!!?  I can’t tell you how happy this calling made me… until I received my binder and other materials and realized all the work I have to do.  Holy nerves!! But last night I attended my first mutual activity.. in 4 years.  And am back to being really excited!  
Also and actually previous to my calling.. Mitch and I have been put in charge of our wards road show.  This I am anxiously awaiting! I know we will be given info at a meeting; BUT please feel free to tell me what you know about them and any ideas you may have!
Mmm I prayed to be active in the ward and God heard my prayers! Love it!

P.S  Sorry for the overuse of the exclamation point. It just happens when I’m happy!