January 29, 2011

a new start

SORRY MOM!! I'm not very good at writing....

So here is a catch up..

We are now living in Chicago! We left the Iceburg a couple weeks ago (after complaining about the snow covered roads) drove for 3 days, and settled into yet another tundra. I'm not sure what we were thinking. Florida probably would have made a little more sense... except I'm a little scared of the alligators..

It was really impromptu. We were planning on moving to Boise for work, but didn't feel good about it and decided a fresh start would be best. I can now say that I HATE moving! But Tessa was a champ through most of it.. here she is sitting on the counter the day I decided it was time to pack the kitchen. (she always pulls one of her legs into the chair and slouches gangster style!)

The drive was probably the worst part.. aside from cleaning the apartment! Me and Tes were in the car while the husband drove the moving truck. I wish it wasn't SO unsafe for 4 month olds to sit facing forwards in the car, it makes it Way to hard to help keep the binky in. By 6 the first night she was completely sick of her car seat and we still had two hours to drive. Thank goodness I have wonderful in-laws who were willing to meet us half way so I could sit next to Tessa the last day and a half of driving! THANK YOU!

So we made it safe and sound, and now have half way unpacked. We plan on only living with the in-laws just as long as it takes us to get into a place of our own. Unfortunately that means we need to find work. I can't believe how hard it is to find a job! My man sits on his laptop all day it seems applying and networking.. and FINALLY yesterday we got our first reply.. saying that there were no openings but we are on the top of the list for when one opens up.. at least its a start!

About me. Since the husbands been busy looking for work, and its FREEZING outside I've had plenty of time to get homesick. Don't get me wrong I'm doing okay. Just wanted to let you know I've thought about it. I'm trying to keep busy I started running again today, and I watch the bachelor each week! :)

Tessa is getting HUGE! She got her first bowl of rice just over a week ago.. and let me just tell you she has her mouth open wanting more the second I take the spoon out of her mouth. Its cute, but I swear she is already plumping up the little oinker! Last Tuesday she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back :) and you better believe we are now working on the back to the front. Her daddy has become some kind of drill master! Last night when me and daddy had a night on the town she not only held the bottle by herself but grandma said she was pulling it in and out of her mouth feeding herself! :) What else.. she just seems so smart. She tries to play the piano with grandma. When you hand her something she holds it close to her like its all she ever wanted. She practically has a SIX PACK ;) ..when she's laying down (on the floor or in your arms) she lifts her head and neck up (sometimes even her shoulders a little) when she wants to sit up. And she LOVES watching basketball and football, if the T.V is behind her she tips her head straight back so she can see behind her! :) SO CUTE!

Life is pretty good! And don't worry I'll post more pictures of Tessa when I get onto my computer.. hopefully soon! If someone sends me a text to remind me it'll be soon.. ;)