September 30, 2011

May 25, 2011

Okay I still don't have my new camera cord.. and I know its not Oct 3rd yet! To pass the time without my new pictures I was going through some old pictures of Tessa to find some cute ones to print out for her scrapbook and I found these. The first one kept me laughing for a very long time. So I thought I needed to share it!  I looked at the next couple all taken within 1 min of each other and it just tells a cute little story I think. ENJOY!

May 25, 2011
(LOL What is that? Hungry??)

(Ah yes, me satisfied.)

September 26, 2011

September birthdays are the funnest birthdays!

I am sooo so so excited that Tessa's birthday is only 6 days after mine! I am already planning spa outings and shopping trips.

Mitch spoiled me on my birthday and some good friends baby sat Tessa so we could go out! ( umm THANK YOU! ) It was really cute we hadn't even left the drive way and Mitch went into panic mode, "We just left our baby." LOL but he had good reason, she was almost a year old and it was the first time Mitch had ever left her with someone besides me or a family member. :) He loves his baby girl!

We had a birthday party for Tessa with some friends we've made. ( I need to apologize to Mitch.. I had some serious homesick issues leading up to it. 1st birthdays are kind of a big deal and I was missing my family more than ever! ) Our apartment is tiny considering the amount of people we wanted to celebrate with. So we had it at a cute little park. It was a little chilly as the sun began to set but all in all it was a major success!! We also went to the beach and Tessa went to her first BYU football game! :) (I'm in denial that she is bad luck...worst game in the history of BYU... we'll just let some time pass before we go to another one)

I'm really REALLY sad I lost my camera cable so I can't get all the cute birthday pictures off. my camera. UGH! The new cable is in the mail and I should get it between Oct 3 and Oct 16. Praying for the 3rd!!

Last week I took Tessa to her one year appointment. Turns out she wasn't just moody from teething but she has an ear infection in both ears. Poor thing. But at least it's her first. And I was lectured on feeding her. Guess I suck cause she is in the 5th percentile. Her Dr. is concerned since she has only gained 3 lbs in the last six months... I'm feeling bad. So thanks to all my sweet friends that say she looks healthy and adorable and say I shouldn't worry about it. :) Sure helps. And here's to the fatty almond milk putting on a few pounds! Cheers. Pictures to come!