November 27, 2012


We took a really fun Thanksgiving trip to Mitch's Grandparents house. I guess I'm one of those wired people that LOVE my in-laws as well as the extended family. Its something I'm especially thankful for! Well we spent a few days with the crew since its a bit of a drive and we weren't really looking forward to the drive home. Tessa made friends with Mitch's youngest cousin. They were pretty darn cute playing together.. most the time. :p We went on a couple walks and saw some BEAUTIFUL fall leaves! Don't really get those where we are and I miss it! We went to a movie on Black Friday.. which is a bit more relaxing than shopping. We might have to make that a tradition.. though I do like shopping and love sales. We'll see.

Tessa Update:
This girl is full of energy and sure loves her Daddy. She loves going to the park, playing with her friends and of course watching her "shows"! I love how excited she gets over Everything! I feel like she is getting over the adjusting to a newborn and terrible twos all at once.. Knock on wood. But seriously she is such a sweet heart. :)

Kennedy Update:
Sweet thing is 11 weeks old tomorrow! She is a BIG talker. She smiles and coos almost instantly when she wakes up. And then whenever she isn't tired or hungry. She's such a happy girl. :) She is rolling onto her side consistently now and she is constantly picking up her head/ shoulders wanting to sit up and see everything. :) LOVE HER!