July 07, 2011

Fun Fourth!


We started our day at the beach with friends! Tessa loves eating sand but the water is too cold so no need for a swimsuit. It was nice she took a long nap in my arms so I got to watch the dolphins jump and Mitch play in the waves.

After the beach we went to the park with more friends from the ward and had a picnic. This like really awesome lady I know took these two pictures.. and yes I've already asked her to take some family pictures for us sometime! :)

Then we went to a church house and sat on the lawn to watch fireworks! They were AMAZING. Mitch and I both felt super spoiled to see such a good firework show. (it was better than IF's, if any of you have seen that show you know how good ours had to be!) I was surprised Tessa fell asleep during the show! But she did fall asleep during World of Color and Fantasmic so I shouldn't have been that surprised.

Pretty much it was a Super Fun Fourth! :)