May 21, 2012


I love being a Mom! :)

( Tessa has been going potty on the toilet inconsistently for the past 5 months, just cause she asks too. I realized yesterday that I didn't have a picture of her being such a big girl! She's so proud of herself! )

I know its over a week late to wish all the awesome mothers I know a happy mothers day.. on mothers day.  But I think it's okay to say it today.  Thank You for being an example of a great Mom. (this thank you is extended to basically every mother I know.. sorry not making a list.) Your examples have helped and inspired me. So thank you. 
 I love my Mom so much and I love being a mom.

May 09, 2012

Running Around With My Head Cut Off

CAUTION: This post is 55% Pregnancy Woe Is Me 101.

Not to be a downer or anything.. but, I don't remember my first pregnancy being this bad. I'll be in the middle of a sentence and my mind goes completely blank. I no longer remember not only what I was saying but what we were even talking about!!! I'm praying that this is just a pregnancy thing that'll go away and not some early set Alzheimer's thing. Its really freaking me out. Oh and I've decided that there needs to be a gym for pregnant ladies. Or even just a class. It takes all I've got to keep from cutting my work outs short because I feel like a tub of lard. I was super grateful and still kind of am that I don't show real early on so I'm 21 weeks and people have no clue I'm pregnant. But I'm super jealous of the couple girls at the gym that are 9 days and the other 4 weeks ahead of me, and are ALL belly! Its so cute and no one looks at them thinking, "Umm you came to the gym to work out, so don't take it too easy." I hope no one thinks that.. and no one is watching me either. Working out doesn't give me energy like all these moms keep telling me it does. It kills me dead! I feel like I need a 6 hour nap afterwards. So to sum it up.. I'm tired, completely loosing it and look like I've gained 6 lbs.. because I have. WOE + TMI = long tangent. Sorry!

Enough about me.  We moved a couple weeks ago. Exactly 2 miles according to google maps. We have an AMAZING ward and they helped us get it moved in like three hours! It was so awesome, THANK YOU! So now we are living in a 3 bedroom townhome with an attached garage that we love. The only downside is the dogs that start barking at 11 p.m and the roosters that start crowing at 4 a.m. Its funny how a mind can mix up the two with a baby crying, haha.

We made a trip to Disney last week when some family came out on vacation. :) I love that place. It was nice to see family and to have a whole weekday with Mitch!

Tessa is at such a fun age! She talks so much and says, "dank you." ALL the time. :) I love her soo much. Speaking of love, we finally got her to say love you. It comes out, "whaw woo." and melts my heart. We spent this afternoon playing in her kiddie pool on our patio. She cried when we had to go take our much needed naps and it was the first thing she wanted to do when she woke up. It looks like we might brake her water phobia yet!  :)

Oh and I almost forgot. We discovered the sex of our baby! (if you didn't already hear..) Its a girl! We are SOOOOOOO Excited! Sisters!