January 29, 2013

More Of The Same

A week and a half ago Kenny and I made a last min trip to my Moms house in Idaho. :) Thank goodness for skymiles = one free ticket! The only downside was Tess and Mitch had to stay home. I've never been away from Tessa for that long! It was kinda hard. But it was a special trip. My Sister had her baby and I was able to meet and hold her when she was all but 6 hours old! If you didn't already know newborns are my all time favorite!

We were able to go to not one but two of my little sisters basketball games! :) She's such a baller! I'm so proud of her! As always it was wonderful seeing and spending time with family!

Like most days.. I took a picture of Kenny that I love! And realized she is wearing the same shirt that Tess wore in one of my favorite pictures of her. But of course Kennedy is 4 months and Tessa was 9 months! Which reminds me, we had an appointment last week Kennedy is 23 1/2 in and 13 lbs! (She's grown half an inch since November!) And Tessa is 33 in and 26 lbs. On the scales it doesn't really show but they sure are getting big!

January 14, 2013

a BIG week and a half

As a result of recent (ish) events I decided that Tessa needed to get out of diapers so we could cut the cost. I decided Wednesday night when putting her to bed and went to the store the next morning and bought some pull-ups and big girl undies. Since I did it on a whim with near to no planning I was really frustrated by Thursday night when she had had a few accidents during the day. But in the past week we've had a total of 3 accidents and she even woke up dry one morning! :) Its been super easy! That waiting a year from the first time she went on the toilet really paid off.

 The other Big milestone happened on Saturday. I laid Kennedy on her little play mat while I hurried and got Tessa out of the tub. I left the room pulled the plug and wrapped Tessa in a towel. So in less than two minuets Kennedy went from laying on her back to laying on her stomach with her face where her feet and previously been. No more laying on elevated surfaces! I can't believe she's already 4 months old!!

 Its not the best picture of the two of them.. but it shows how big Kennedy can look next to her big sister! Any guesses on how long it'll take to pass up big sister?

By the way, my husband fixed my blog for me.  He is a genius, and I am incredibly lucky to have him. Wow!

January 02, 2013

Christmas 2012

Four years ago I made the decision to be sealed to a wonderful man for time and all eternity. Said man loves me so much he gave me the one thing I desperately wanted for Christmas. :) So we drove 16 hours to see my family! I've missed them so much. Needless to say it was a wonderful trip. Thanks Sweetie!