November 07, 2011


I am super lucky! My husband is going to Florida for work and he is sending me to Idaho for a whole week! Then he is joining me for a whole nother week!!! YAY :) SO knowing that I am going to be out of town I wanted to put up a Thanksgiving post of a bunch of things I love and am so thankful for.

  • Family! I have the best!
  • Siblings that look alike! It doesn't even have to be siblings. Cousins, aunts, uncles! I just love that!
  • Trail Mix! Lets just say if trail mix was its own food group I would have no problem getting my daily intake.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! And my calling in the YW.
  • My Beautiful Daughter! And the fact that I get to stay home and be her Mama!
  • French Toast! With homemade syrup of course.
  • Friends! Close and far. New and old. :)
  • The Gym! Gym classes, day care, and cool people that inspire me to go everyday.
  • Phone Calls! Not the quick "I'm here so come let me in your gate" but the "I was just thinking about you" kind that ends up lasting a while.
  • Crafts! Just cause they make me happy.
  • Mitch! Not only does he put up with a bit of a nut case but he loves me.
  • Walks! Exercise or leisure. Alone or accompanied. Long or short. :)
  • Pictures! I'm obsessed with taking them of Tessa, but I love my old shoebox full of old family and friend snap shots.
  • Swimming! I really don't know how to swim! But there are days that I wish I was in Bear Lake swimming with family. Its soo relaxing.
  • Tickling Wars! Tessa has the cutest laugh. And I can beat Mitch. :)
  • Candles! And all other good smelling things.
  • Ice Cream! Even though I'm a bit of a snob after working at Caspers.. Any flavor! Any Time!
  • Reunions! Life is so crazy we have to set aside a few days just to all be together. Thank goodness.
  • Music! It can instantly change my mood. :) And with out it we would never dance!!!
  • Games! Maybe just cause I'm competitive.. I just really enjoy sitting around a table playing games all night!
  • Learning! I don't know a whole lot.. but there is SO much out there to learn for everyone! Makes ya want to pick up a book huh.
  • Sunshine! Probably cause I grew up in Idaho and winter last for more than half the year.
  • Date Night! I learned long before I got married that its important to continue dating through marriage.. but I just recently learned why personally. :)
  • Snail Mail! I LOVE getting letters!
  • Babies! Learning, loving, smiling, ooing gooing, so small so perftect! So need another one. :)
Happy Thanksgiving! And here is to hoping we all learn to love a little more this holiday season!