August 27, 2011

Not to be a Debbie Downer...

Mitch is working today (at Disney Land..) so I am home trying to make myself believe that I should be just sitting at home cause its just another week day. Humph.. I'm actually pretty good at it. 

I wanted to share this one simple thing that is making it more bearable.

Sorry its not a very good picture cause I took it on my phone.. BUT these little flowers are soooo cute! I just started making them for my Beehives. We are going to be learning about being thrifty and DIY by making  some cheap frames look really cute. Success! I even made the flower on the bottom into a clip for Tessa to wear to church tomorrow. :) Yay!

August 22, 2011

Vacation makes time fly.

It's been a while! I can't believe there is just over a week of August left. But it's been wonderful! My little sister visited the end of July and we started the month in Idaho and spent just over two weeks thereish. We visited lots of friends and family in both Idaho and Utah. :) It was hard to say goodbye and seeing everyone just makes me miss them more.
I can't seem to find the cord to the camera I had with me so I haven't got the pictures transfered to the computer yet.. but I'll share them once I find it!
Tess started walking, she's up to 8 steps and she says "ooooh" when she falls. And she just started blowing kisses! :) And here are picture updates since I last posted.  


Finally warmed up to aunt livy!

Sleeping at the table

This is what happened the last time we tryed baby food

Excited to go to Idaho!
Her first blanket tent

Sleeping on her face

Cute outfit from G-ma and G-pa R.

This is her "You gunna play me or what!?" face

Distracting her with fish

She LOVES giving loves!

We didn't have enough milk to make a cake.. and it was the sabboth

Blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday sweet heart!

And to all of you that read our blog sure Love and Miss you!
Hope all is well!