July 31, 2012

Grandparents in Town!

Mitch's parents were able to come visit us for a couple weekends. :) Tessa was pretty heart broken when it was time for them to head back home. Grandparents are too much fun.

July 20, 2012

Baby Bump Progress

So if I was really cool I'd have pictures from every week with the fruit that correlates to the size of my baby girl.... BUT I'm not. :) I've managed to do it every eight weeks.. 

 15 weeks

23 weeks

31 1/2 weeks

Yup and I'm missing the pineapple.. 
Next I'll show a picture of her! :) Thank goodness cause I probably won't be able to do up these jeans!

Some Summer Fun

My little sister and her cute friend came and visited us for the last week and a half of June. Let me just say, we had a blast! We partied at the beach, Six flags, a Dodger game, made a trip down to San Diego and spent a day mini golfing, go-carting and bumper boating. I hope they had fun cause I sure did!

 (So I've never been to the San Diego temple.. WOW it's gorgeous!)

We had a relaxing Independence Day. Did some last min shopping for Mitch's last min business trip. Enjoyed a bbq with friends and watched fireworks.

At 5 the next morning we made another trip to the airport to fly Tessa and Me out to Idaho. Mitch was leaving for his business trip in Australia.. JEALOUS? Me too! But it was nice spending half of July with my family and some friends. :)

(We spent ALOT of time in the car to visit lots of loved ones.. Poor thing took most of her naps on the road)

:) Its been an awesome 4 weeks!