February 06, 2012

I love Idaho

I could easily end the post here. But I wont.

This is my gorgeous friend Haylee (and Mel!). She thanked me more than once for making the trip out to her wedding.. but honestly I should have been the one thanking her. I'm always looking for a new excuse to make the trip.

It was such a nice trip too! I kept it simple, did a lot of hanging out with family. Played plenty of games. Made it to a couple of my little sisters basketball games :) Saw a few friends. Spent a whole day a way from Tessa for the first time (no one told me how hard that is!).

 Probably best of all though Tessa got to spend lots of time with her cousins. I grew up close to cousins and I would love for Tessa to have that.. we'll keep hoping.


I've always known there was something special about Tessa.

No that isn't some kind of prop. That's a real, freshly cut into, tear jerking onion! What kind of kid does that?

Further more, check this out..

Just in case you missed it..

That's pretty impressive toe work!