August 23, 2012

Fun with Friends!

My AWESOME friend Jessie came to visit with her adorable girls! It was a week of sun, fun and girl chats that went by way way too fast. Miss you girls already! Totally wish we'd gotten a better picture of the two of us. Or one of all of us together. Ugh. Next trip! ;)

And a little update.. Dr. checked me on Monday and I'm dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced. :) Pretty exciting. I was at a 2 and 80% six days before I had Tessa so I'm guessing she'll be here sometime in the next couple weeks! Tessa grabs my tummy daily and says, "baby sister out!" At least one of us is ready. Wish us all luck!

And of course..
HaPpY BiRtHdAy week babe! We love you!

August 11, 2012

Pinterest Anyone?

Okay so I've been on a pinterest craft kick lately and I learned something.  EVERYTHING looks SOO easy on those cute little pin boards! But when I get my hands on trying to make these adorable things it  is everything but easy! Its okay though because the only thing that is really perfect in our house is our little girl (s) ;) so these crafts wont be put into an art exhibit or anything but they add a little somthing to my not so decorated house.

Toilet paper roll wall art. 
This was the easiest and fastest and probably looks the best close up.

Yarn letters. 
These were A LOT harder than I thought they would be. I learned my lesson fast that block letters are much easier to wrap then round ones.

 Crib Skirt 
I made Mitch promise me that I wouldn't try to make anything like this again until I learn how to sew.. or maybe get a sewing machine. I did cheat and use one of our old queen sized bed skirts as a base.

It turned out okay from a distance! And Kennedy is our lead name right now. We are NOT promising that its going to be what goes on our her birth certificate.. There is no saying what I'll do after giving birth a second time!