April 10, 2012


We had an Easter breakfast and egg hunt at the church Saturday morning. Tessa woke up with the cranky cry that only comes with being sick. She ate most of my french toast which boosted her spirits.. ( french toast has the same affect on me.) It was her first Easter Egg Hunt due to the fact that last year we were trapped in a car driving across the country to our new home here in Simi, we actually forgot it was even Easter. Sad I know, no chocolate for me. Although it wouldn't of mattered much she was less than 7 months old a year ago. I can't believe how fast kids grow. Anyway they let the 3 year olds and under have a bit of a head start and we were off. I love the fact that we didn't even have to tell Tessa what to do with the eggs she just smiled when she saw her first one and dropped it right into her bucket. She then would frantically look around asking for more, more, more? And better yet she had NO idea that there was anything inside the eggs!  It was super cute. We spent the afternoon at the beach and the rest of the weekend hiding the eggs in her room over and over again. Kinda. Ya remember that cranky cry I mentioned before. Well she slept practically the entire Sabbath with a fever that climbed over 103. Poor girl was so zoned out Mitch said she cried when the baseball game went to commercial so he turned on his PS game and she sat staring at the demo. Sigh.. I'm guessing the beach was probably not my best idea. Oh well. We live and we learn.

I went to church, since Tess was sick I volunteered Mitch to find a sub for his class so I could teach nursery. I'm so glad I did! Those sweet kids are so stinking smart. I think that's why I love nursery so much. I don't want to sound like I'm trying to take credit for teaching them everything. When I say its time to pray they know how to fold their arms, and when I show them a picture of Jesus they already know His name. I know they learned that at home. For Easter Sunday I took the lesson right out of the book so they had a little cut out of Jesus and the tomb. I told them the story once and then passed out the crayons. One sweet little boy sat his crayon down and picked up Jesus, put him in the tomb, covered the opening with a rock, turned to me and asked, "then what?".  It made me smile. He could care less that there were crayons he just wanted to act out the story over and over. His Mom let me know that he was excited to tell them the story when they got home from church. Oh how I love it!

I don't know why I was called into nursery. Sometimes I think its silly since Tessa wants most of my attention. I think maybe it was because I needed to go back to the basics. When studying the gospel on my own sometimes I try to dig too deep. In nursery I teach the most basic principles in simple simple terms. I can't believe how it's strengthened my testimony. No wonder I love it so much.

Okay enough story telling..