March 21, 2012

The BIG 1 and 1/2!

She has her daddy's smile! :)

My baby is one and a half! And I'm not kidding everyday she seems smarter. When she said "stroller" yesterday I almost starting crying (I'm pregnant remember) but because she's such a big girl. She's to that point where she says words and I realize that its the first time I've ever heard her say them. Her vocabulary is seriously bombing! My favorites right now..

  • Me daddy pease (please)
  • Kaykey (Kacey, the little boy she's in love with)
  • Where it caw (asking where the caw "bird" is)
  • Hopporn (popcorn)
  • Ooore (more)

I was really hoping that her doctor would be impressed by her words and forget about her weight. She was not. In December Tessa weighed in at 19.4 lbs (my memory might be off an ounce) at her appointment last week she was a whopping 19 lbs. Yup.  This may not be the answer but I'm making a constant effort to keep something sweet hanging around our house (out of sight from Mitch) so I can bribe Tessa into taking another bite of her lunch or dinner. This way she can have ooore of the sweets when she has ooore of her food. I ruled out Mitch's idea of giving her lots of ice cream but realized my way is just an alteration of his.. so he can have all the credit. :)  Wish us luck.

Picture Update

Tessa enjoying a pretty sunset from our balcony. I LOVE our view.


These  were my V-day roses from Mitch. They made our house smell awesome.

These are all pictures from our trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago. It was a fun little get away from work and we spent it with friends and some family that I met for the first time! :)

March 05, 2012

The News is Out!

Here is me...                         
Except that is not me (For some reason I don't seem to look that pretty when I up-chuck.)  

The real news is this..                 
Except that isn't right either (its just another pic I got off google.) I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't want to upload.
*SIGH* Okay hold please..

There we go!  (I know it kinda looks funny but I don't have Photoshop and that's as good as I could do with Paint. FYI it's nearly impossible to get a picture of a 17 month old holding a sign! I know I tried it!)

So this is the real reason why my gym outings have been cut in half + some, why I act like I've ran a marathon after playing with Tessa at the park, why my house looks the way it does, and why I'm the most anti-social I've been.. probably ever. lol I know it doesn't sound like it but I really am excited.  I Love newborns! They make me feel close to heaven and open my eyes to how precious and pure our bodies are! It's the home of our spirit and that's a pretty special thing if you ask me.

Everything is going as expected. We are 12 weeks in which means our new bundle should be here September 17! FUN right! Another September baby. I'm thinking vacations!! School will just have to wait till October for our kids. Okay probably not, school is too important.. I can't have them missing games cause they missed school!! ;)

(note to Livy/Miss Varsity: If my kids aren't athletic I'm hiring you as their personal trainer.)

March 01, 2012

Birthday Girl

My little sister turned 15 today. She is absolutely amazing! We have so much in common. If we lived closer she would be my workout buddy. :) Man we would do everything from swimming to hiking to soccer to softball... and the list goes on and on! I miss her so much and hope she is having a birthday that's is amazing as she is!

Love you Livy!!


So February ended up being a bit interesting as far as church callings.  As you all knew I had what I believed to be the BEST calling ever! Well I was released as the YW 2nd counselor a couple weeks ago and called into the nursery. I don't know that I've mentioned this before but I love the nursery. It was my favorite calling before I was put into the YW... it was a hard brake that came way out of left field. I was really upset about the whole ordeal. (Especially when I started scrubbing nasty nursery toys..) 

But last week I was sustained as the YW personal progress coordinator. I have the best of both worlds! REALLY! God answers prayers! I know I don't get a brake from Tessa on Sunday and it won't always be sunshine and roses but I really cant believe how seriously blessed I am! :) I love church!