September 19, 2012


Another baby story:

 (I'll keep it short!)

On Wednesday the 12th we went into the hospital to be induced. So excited to have my second baby girl come into the world.  They gave me a yucky painful IV! Which I all but passed out getting. Never want one of those again! My wonderful Dr. broke my water around 8:45 a.m. Finally contractions started coming at 9 a.m. Which tells you how ready I was to have this baby because I got excited.. and yes a little scared.. but mostly excited that I was finally having a contraction! They came strong and fast and painful but I suffered through them. There was one little scare the cord was wrapped around her neck but they told me not to push and Dr. moved fast! And at 10:28 Kennedy finally left her home inside my tummy. :) It took a little longer than we liked for her to start crying but those few seconds seem like an eternity to Moms and Dads and from what we can tell didn't really affect her at all. I feel SO BLESSED! Both my little angels have come into the world so fast and without any problems! :)

 Kennedy  9/12/12 
7.13 lbs   19 3/4 in.  

Meeting big sister!

Tessa turns two!:

My baby girl turned two on Friday the 14th! Where does the time go? I know I just had a baby but I tear up every time I think about how fast time has gone since Tessa was born and how in just a couple months Kennedy will already be So big. SIGH. Anyway. My wonderful Mother flew out on the 13th to lend me a hand, meet her brand new grand baby, and celebrate Tessa's birthday!
It was a pretty chill day. Mitch made minnie mouse and "T" shaped pancakes. Tessa opened lots of presents.  And we just enjoyed a day inside the AC house. 
On the 15th we had Tessa's birthday party! My sweet two year old was SOO excited she giggled on the drive to the park. My car let me know it was 107 degrees outside but luckily we celebrated at a park with a pavilion. We invited all of her nursery friends and a couple of our friends. They played with chalk, crayons and ball pit balls! There were lots of cupcakes, fruit snacks, jello, pb and j sandwiches, and capri suns. Aside from the heat which really only seemed to bug the adults it was a fun little party. :)

Compare and Contrast:

So I can't help but spend a great deal of time comparing Kennedy to pictures of Tessa! Its fun to see that they have some similar features but look so different too. :) Here's some photo prof! 

The first picture is Kennedy the second is Tessa. 

Only a couple hours old!

Just a day old!

6 days old!

It has been an amazing first week! Thanks to my Mom for flying all the way out to help! Thanks to my Husband for being there to hold my hand, comfort and help. Thanks to the ward members who have brought us meals! Thanks to my Heavenly Father for blessing us with another beautiful healthy girl!