April 30, 2013

Another Move

Sorry I sometimes prioritize things like packing and spending a little extra time with friends over writing on our blog. :P We've been kinda busy lately. This is our second day in our new home in Idaho and (surprise surprise!) we're missing the beautiful sun of sunny California! But Mitch is working so I'll try not to complaine too much. We actually went to the park today. It was a quick trip and a brisk walk but it's nice to be outside some. ;) Oh and the best part of this move is we are ALOT closer to family! Yay! I've missed them! And like my sister said, it'll be nice not having to cry at every goodbye. :)

Our girls are getting big. Tessa calls Kennedy, "Kenny Coo Coo." So sweet. Though she's a typical two year old and we pick our battles daily. She does and says the sweetest things. "Ohh it's okay Mama, don't be sad." The girl is a little obsessed with sticks, rocks and dirt. But likes wearing pretty princess dresses so she may look like Mitch but she acts just like me!

Kenney is already 7 and 1/2 months old! She has finally started crawling on her hands and knees instead of her belly. Her third tooth is cutting through as we speak and we had to drop her crib down because she pulls herself up to stand on everything that gives her any kind of leverage. She is a little snuggle bug <3 especially since she's started into the separation anxiety, have to have Mommy all the time thing. 

Wish they could stop growing so fast!

I'm so glad we made time to get family pictures taken by our friend Liz before we left. Love them! We might have to make trips back just for her.

And even more than the sunshine.. I'm already missing our awesome Friends!! Come visit us!!