February 19, 2013

Story Time

So I play basketball a couple times a week with some awesome ladies in my stake. Lots of us have young kids who we let play on the stage and run the borders of the gym. Of course there are little accidents now and then.. they are kids after all.. and us women aren't exactly playing no touch, slow basketball. I my self have lost some skin and received a few bruises and blisters. But Monday was the perfect storm.
We had a few more kids since school was out and when I got to the church Kennedy was crying instead of falling asleep. I wrapped her up and rocked her back to sleep. I put her back in her carseat and put the cover over top. I've been putting her in the corner in front of the curtain on the stage for the past four months and this time wasn't any different. Have you guessed where this is going yet?
Nearly an hour later we hear crying and we all look to the stage to see which child was hurt. And at first I couldn't find the source. Then I saw the little yellow blanket moving on the floor. I'm afraid I cussed out loud as I ran over to pick my sweet little baby off the gym floor. I was living a nightmare. I wish I had seen it happen. I looked her over and over looking for a bump or some sign of injury. All I found was a tiny bit of blood on her lip. I called Mitch and he asked our friend to come help give her a blessing. She was acting like normal, like nothing happened. Until I tried to feed her. She would latch on and suck but cry as soon as she swallowed. So we took her in to get checked out. Her Dr. looked her over and showed us some bruising in her mouth and by then we noticed a tiny bruise forming on her chin. But that was it! I wouldn't be surprised to learn someday that an angel saved our sweet little girl. I'll be forever grateful. And don't worry she won't be going back on that stage for a long time.. If ever.

February 12, 2013


Guess who turned 5 months today?!


Hard to believe?!

I know!