October 19, 2011


It is our first repeat holiday with Tessa!  
Take note..We like black and white animals.  
Thanks for taking this years pics Liz!



I'm thinking skunk next year ;)

October 06, 2011

The Long Awaited

I know you are all just as excited as I am, the camera cord has been delivered! Yippee! Here is the photographic proof of my sweet baby girls first birthday! There are a LOT.. at the request of family. :)

Getting ready to go!

Here are those "oh so" cool pictures taken while people are eating.

Check out all these cute boys!

Present time!

She had lots of little helpers!

These boys were so good, just stood there and watched.

Well mostly just stood there. Lol they are brothers after all.

Cake Time!

It was windy so I was super impressed that Mitch got the candle to stay lit.

Mitch tryed to feed it to her, so she would figure out how good it was...
And when that didn't work he smashed her hand in it.. :( she didn't like that at all!

She just wanted her bottle!

Don't worry Mitch took her on the slides to make up for his mean actions!

And of course she got to stay up past her bed time and play with all her new toys!
It was such a good night. We really are blessed to have so many great friends!

Tessa and I spent some time at the beach. How many girls born in Idaho get to go to the beach on the week of there first birthday? :)

We drove through the night that weekend to take Tessa to her first BYU football game. Here she is showing off for the camera after spending the whole night in the car.

Not the best game in BYU history..  But it wasn't a waste of a drive. We had a small party for Tessa with my family and spent time with other family and friends! :)

Can you believe Tessa is a year old! :) I love her!

October 03, 2011

Keep Voting!

I entered Tessa in the Single Dad Laughing's photo contest! Great blog btw. I really really want to win a ceiva photo frame!! How cool would that be! :)
You can vote once a day which we need cause we are way behind!! End Oct. 22. And its Really Easy!

1.This is the website. (sorry if the link doesn't work)

2. Scroll down and search for
"My Blue Eyed Girl" 

It'll look like this, 

3. Click Like it!

Sooo easy right!? So please vote, tell your friends to vote and keep voting! :)

October 02, 2011

I never blog this much..

I must say California has its perks. Not only is the weather nice year round but in the area we live there are some really pretty places to take pictures. Hint hint, hehe.  I know this amazing lady! She is in our ward. She gave me her phone number the first night we met. (At least I remember it being the first time we met) She is such a sweetheart. We've gone walking together :). She took a couple really cute pictures of Tessa and me on the Fourth of July. She has a gift when it comes to taking said pictures. Well this super amazing lady took our family pictures this past week. She sent me them tonight and I just have to share some with who ever still looks at this blog!! Needless to say I highly recommend her. If you want to check her out or just look at more really really cute  pictures her blog is rosebudpics.blogspot.com l Okay here goes. Drum roll please....

Yup. Thanks Liz!