May 26, 2011

a lil negative vs. a lil positive

·   Tessa Ellen has started biting! Oh yes full on sinking all 5 little teeth into my delicate skin.  So I tap her mouth and tell her, “No, don’t bite”.  She then smiles like being told no is this new great game… HELP!
·   The unpacking isn’t over.  And I really like decorating…  unfortunately I’m just not very good at it.
·    I wasn’t able to sleep my migraine off last night, because Tessa is protesting sleep again.
·    I'm being negative.. but when my head is buzzing its hard to see the silver lining :(.
Trying the Positive..
·   Tess is enrolling me in baby 505 instead of 101… I like a good challenge!
·    I love my ward and the sweet sisters that have already reached out and included me!
·    I have a best friend whose friendship is going to last eternity!
·    Siblings look alike! Not sure why that’s a positive.. it just makes me happy!
·    It’s Thursday! Which means it is almost Friday! Which means it is almost the weekend!

                                          4 to 5… That ought to get me through today!  :)

May 17, 2011

LOL Cute baby face!

This past weekend Tessa and I took a trip back home for my cousins wedding! It was sooo good to see everyone and the wedding was wonderful! :) But while home I kept trying to get Tess to do this little nose thing she started doing for my family to see.. its sooo funny (at least I find it hilarious)! So I managed to catch it on my phone to share.. I hope it works.. and yes that is a fresh bump on her forehead. She met the corner of our entertainment center for the first time! :'( Brake my heart!

May 06, 2011

Missing Rexburg!!

For my Rexburg Girls!   :)

 I miss you all so much I’m dreaming about you! Here is the crazyness..

 We were all at the church and of course all of our boys were playing basketball and since our church is HUGE we were getting are girl chat on and playing with our kids in the other gym. Lol. I was playing with Christopher, who I haven’t seen an updated picture of for quite some time, none the less he is absolutely the most adorable little thing!! He was giving me the googly eyes identical to Puss in Boots! I glanced up to tell everyone how cute he is when I see Emery and Ashlyn dancing around with fairy wands and Tessa stands up and takes her first steps/run which in total covers half the gym! I start freaking out because in real life Tess is only crawl launching. (Meaning she gets up on all fours, digs her toes into the carpet and launches forward then repeats.)  And here is how you all respond…   

Jessie- “whoop dee do, I mean shouldn’t she be walking by now?”
Crystal- “yeah”
Kelly- just smiles like she knows the others are right but doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.
Rebecca- “Christopher is walking”
Jane- (who appears out of no where lol) I wouldn’t know Addy walked freakishly early.”

Its obvious that I’m worried Tessa has no interaction with other kids and is therefore going to be way behind socially and physically! And I’m fairly certain that the only reason you guys were so rude in my dream is cause its my subconscious trying to give me an excuse not to miss you… Cause you all Rock!
Love you guys!

May 04, 2011


So quick update:
  1. Mitch got back from Dubai April 13th with lots of cool pictures and gifts to share!
  2. April 15th Tess flew for her first time, (she was a major champ!) headed for California. 
  3. We spent the next 4 days finding an apartment and signing on the dotted line.
  4. April 21st we loaded into our car and said our final goodbyes to our short time home in Chicago.
  5. We drove for 4 days, making the necessary stops along the way ;)
  6. Enjoyed last week in a very very empty apartment while daddy worked, thank goodness we have an air-mattress and a pool!
  7. And yesterday are stuff arrived and we are now unpacking. (well the cable guy stopped by so I'm catching you all up.. and Mitch is at work.. so we're getting to it!)
All in all unpacking is a whole lot funner than packing! Its like buying a new sketch pad and pulling out my old pencils.. I have all these pages that I can be creative with!! FUN! I'm trying to take pictures so you can see the blank pad, the messy mishaps and the final piece. Hopefully it'll be in a few days and not weeks!

We are Love Love LOVING the warm weather! :)