March 08, 2014

yeah.. its been 6 months..

I've got lots to catch up on, so I won't waste time explaining why it's been so long!

My little family is growing up and it's SO fun!! My girls can now be found playing dolls together or reading or chancing each other around. :) They are both IN LOVE with Frozen. Kennedy will walk to the T.V point and say, "ehh it go!" So, pretty much daily we'll stream music videos or I'll give in and let them watch the whole movie.  And they both sit and sing along.. It's cute and makes them happy. And luckily I haven't found it TOO annoying yet.

We had a wonderful holiday season. Tessa was a princess for Halloween. Big surprise, Kennedy was a cow.. Since that's what Tessa was when she was 1. Just another bonus to having your kids birthdays in the same month! Ken was happy eating treats in the car with Dad while I walked Tessa from door to door. And get this, Tessa is still thanking Heavenly Father for Halloween in her prayers. So I think it's safe to say she loved it.

We made the long drive to Chicago for Christmas. It was the first time the whole family has been together in like.. 5 years I think? So it was exciting having everyone under one roof for the festivities.  I've decided I love having a 3 year old! She was so excited for Santa! It's so fun being a parent Christmas morning! We saw frozen for the first time, went sledding, ice skating, played lots of games and ate a lot of yummy food. :)  We had a great time and when it was all over we considered staying for another week.. Darn work and money and stuff.

We had some serious cabin fever through January.. Stinking cold long winters! So just a couple weeks ago we decided to get out of the cold and visit  our friends in Cali. They were threatening to de friend us and we need to still have friends in the area if we are going to move back one day.. So we just had to go! Oh My Goodness we miss that place! It's funny Mitch and I both felt like we were just back at home, like it was just our day to day life and we didn't have to drive back to Idaho the next day. We have such awesome friends we miss so much!! They were so awesome to let us crash and cancel other plans to play with us!! :) I wont speak for Mitch, but the girls and I LOVE and MISS the beach!!

We'll see if it takes me another 6 months or not.. ;)


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  2. Love your posts. You have such sweet little girls!